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Wikiseek has just launched. It’s a really neat vertical search tool. for searching Wikipedia. (A vertical search is one which only searches a specific  niche, business area, topic etc.

Wikiseek only spiders Wikipedia, this means Wikiseek only lists 3 kinds of pages – Ones from Wikipedia, ones which are linked to from a Wikipedia page and Sponsored pages adverts.

Hostway have launched a drag and drop Mobile Site builder helping people to quickly develop a simple easy to use mobile website.  (Cost £21.95 per year)

For more information, visit Hostway

The Online Historical Populations Reports (OHPR) website was launched on 9 January 2007.

A fascinating resource with over 200,000 pages of digitised reports and data showing detailed changes in population between 1800 and 1940.

Google Blog is reporting Google Finance is to offer real time stock quotes for free

“It is not my intention to take over the governance of Internet. I don’t think it is in the mandate of ITU and as secretary-general I will continue to contribute to the debate over Internet governance and continue to provide technical support,” said Toure, an electrical engineer from Mali.

“I will be focusing on cyber-security …,” he added.

Youtube have a nice video of the newly announced iPhone from Apple