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Google has added a Traffic button to Google Maps (next to the Maps, Satellite & Hybrid buttons). Routes with traffic flow show red, yellow or green, for stop-go travel, heavy traffic and for light or no traffic. 

… with the purchase of a vertical search engine company Medstory, a privately held California company with a health information search site, for its newly formed Health Solutions Group.  (Vertical search engines return results relevant only to select topics like health care, finance, programming or law.)


A man who made a fortune from Internet domain names has pledged with his wife one of the largest donations ever to LSU — a $25 million gift.

According to a news account, Stephenson told LSU business students in 1999 the biggest decision of his career was to purchase three dozen generic Internet domain names, including,,,, and 

Marchex is planning to use its Open List site, which has information on more than 15 million businesses divided into 20,000 different categories, to populate many of its well-trafficked domains.

Transforming domains that are single landing pages loaded with paid-search ads into sites with hundreds of dynamic content pages which users will consider worth bookmarking.

The Times of London is reporting “Google will launch an assault on one of Microsoft’s biggest earners today when it unveils its first suite of paid-for office tools.

“For $50 (£26) a year per user, Google Apps Premier Edition will offer corporate customers a bundle of web-based applications including e-mail, a word processor and a spreadsheet. It will compete with Microsoft’s Office, which includes the software stalwarts Word and Excel.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets        Google Apps

Compare free and paid editions

A MSNBC & Markmonitor article covers how extensive the practice of using the ICANN 5 day grace period for “tasting” before buying domains has become.  (Kiting is repeated tasting where the domain is never fully registered  (i.e. paid for) instead the 5 day grace period is used over and over again

According to the article 98% of new .com’s registered at the end of 2006 were using domain tasting or domain kiting

The number of .info domain registrations has just passed 4 million.  The .info  namespace which is run by Afilias has been steadily growing since its launch in 2001, and includes sites like,, and

.XXX took up most of the latest ICANN Board meeting. In total the feed back from the public included 200,000 emails and 1300 comments in the .xxx public comment forums. The latest call attracting 600 new comments and 55,579 emails. From those comments 77% were opposed

There has been suggestions that even the community .XXX is meant to represent is not happy with the way .XXX is being handled and as a result ICANN resolved to hold a futher comment period.

ICANN Resolved (07.08) that:

  • the revised version of Appendix S be exposed to a public comment period of no less than 21 days; and
  • ICANN Staff consult with ICM and provide further information to the Board prior to its next meeting, so as to inform a decision by the Board about whether sponsorship criteria is met for the creation of a new .XXX sTLD.  

Merchants who accept payments from Google Checkout now get a new shopping cart logo in their ads. More details at Google Checkout Blog

On the 14th February new rules from Ofcom (the industry regulator in the UK) require all ISPs to provide the Migration Authorisation Codes (Mac).  Some ISPs have been making getting the Mac very difficult, from the 14th they can be fined upto 10% of their annual turnover should they fail to comply with the new rules and not supply the mac code within 5 days of a request. has a lot of infomation about switching within many service industries including broadband, insurance, credit cards, loans and utilities.