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Afilias has just released its annual report for the .info domain space for 2010. .info has had quite a year.

Hightlights from the report include

 In 2010, .INFO saw a significant increase in domain names under Afilias’ management, growing nearly 30 percent from 2009 to over 6.8 million domain names registered. (Already and since the report was published there are now over 7 million .info domains registered)

.INFO domains are now available at more than 360 registrars, representing more than 90 percent of the worldwide domain marketplace. This is hugely important because it means people can buy names in their own jurisdiction

The top regions for registrations continue to be North America (58 percent) and Europe (27 percent), but the Asia Pacific region is also gaining share of .INFO, and is currently home to 12 percent of .INFO registrations. 

Over 70 percent of .INFO registrations resolve to active websites– that’s nearly 5 million .INFO websites worldwide.  The report also shows some of the best sites of 2010. The results of this are beginning to show with good .info domains ranking highly in the search engines for many diverse search terms.

There is available for download a 2010 .info domains report  (.pdf) and an accompanying  Afilias press release for the 2010 report