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Google has launched a  new way to personalise Google internet searches – Google SearchWiki. Google SearchWiki allows users to promote results they like and delete search results they do not like. Results can be promoted to the top of the listing and allow users to comment on them.

This is a fundamental change which the Lonodon Times is reporting will be rolled out in the next few hours, and the biggest update to Google’s massively popular search engine for more than a year. And a change which Google is calling it the next step in the evolution of online search.


Google has released an iphone app to allow iPhone users to search without having to type.

Google said “Google Mobile App helps you find the information you need quickly and easily with instant access to Google Search.”

Features include

Voice Search
Search with My Location
Local search suggestions on a map
Instant access to search
Google Suggest
URL suggestions
Contact search
Search history
Easy access to other Google products

Sedo have just completed an auction of premium .mobi domain names. The total sold* was $206,229.

*This is a provisional number because (a) Sedo Auctions are difficult to track, (b) we do not have official confirmation and (c) sometimes bids on Sedo auctions are not honoured. Read the rest of this entry »

The Global Phishing Survey shows that, during the first half of 2008, .INFO has the lowest phishing rate and the lowest average attack duration among the Internet’s generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

.INFO’s attack durations were near the average among all gTLDs in the second half of 2007, so INFO is now even safer than it was in the past.

This improvement began in January 2008, when Afilias implemented a vigorous anti-phishing program. The study results demonstrate the effectiveness of this program, with the average phishing attack durations in the .INFO domain reduced by almost 50%, ahead of all other gTLDs. Reduced attack durations provide greater protection to consumers and organizations that conduct online commerce, demonstrably reducing financial losses and the many other costs of identity theft.

News article


UK sales of games will outstrip music and video for the first time in 2008, says a report from Verdict Research. The report predicts spending on games will rise by 42% to £4.64bn in 2008, with sales on music and video at £4.46bn.

“A huge shift in consumer attitudes has turned video games into the UK’s most popular form of entertainment, say the retail analysts. The BBC has more details

The UAE is hoping to become the first country worldwide to offer complete internet domain names in a language other than English by late next year.

China have already achieved partial success however the .com or .info part of the domain must still be in English. ICANN’s ccTLDs (country code top level domains) initiative will allow for the first time the complete domain name to be in non-English letters.

In Q3 09  ICANN hopes to launch these new ccTLDs and “We will start implementing the Arabic domain names,” Mohammad Al Zarouni, chief technology officer at the .ae Domain Administration of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) told Gulf News.