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Renesys the internet intelligence provider has an interesting blog post looking at top Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Renesys is good reference source because their reports are based on hard facts and objective analysis.

Here are the top 13 in terms of  globally,  geography and market segment.

1  … Sprint
2  … Level 3
3  … Verizon
4  … NTT
5  … Global Crossing
6  … Savvis
7  … AT&T
8  … Telia
9  … Tata
10… Qwest
11… Cogent
12… China Telecom
13… Tiscali

See the Renesys blog post of the report here.


Google have just annouced they are extending AdSense for Domains to all publishers 

The product will be rolled out incrementally starting with English speakers in North America exending to other languages and regions in the future. More information at the Adsense Help Center.

A serious piece of robot kit – Next generation half human robot from sarcos