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Hosterstats has just posted an interesting domain analysis of the relationship and frequency of  the same domain name being registered/unregistered for the .com .net .org .biz .info .mobi .asia .tel gTLDs.

The .info namespace  is particularly interesting because over 25% of the names registered are unique to .info (i.e. not registered in any of the other gTLDs.


The .dot tel news letter .telegraph has details of the new look for .tel pages to be rolled out in March 2010

In March 1985, the first .com domain was registered, igniting the birth of the consumer Internet that, 25 years later, continues to transform communications, commerce and our society as a whole

Beginning in March 2010, VeriSign, the long-time operator of the .com domain, will lead an industry-wide initiative to recognize the innovators and leaders that have shaped the first 25 years of .com and in doing so transformed our economy and society.

VeriSign press release