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From the Aflias .info press release

Munich, Germany–From March 17 to May 25 owners of German-speaking .INFO Websites can apply for the .INFO Award that will award 18.000 Euro in prize money later this year. The Award is created by global domain name registry Afilias in media-cooperation with INTERNET WORLD Business and addresses .INFO domain owners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Deutsch Presse 

Competition website


The London Times investigates  how the internet is transforming Britain

SearchMe has a new visual search in beta. If this can deliver the right results ie if their algorithm is as good as the the big 3 engines this is really going to change the way people search.

Introduction to searchme

Demo video


Google have announced a new tool for publishers Google Ad Manager beta. Designed for ad management and serving needs of smaller publishers.

” Google Ad Manager is a free, hosted ad and inventory management tool that can help publishers sell, schedule, deliver and measure their directly-sold and network-based ad inventory.” More details at The Official Google Blog.

473,633 domain registration applications were received during the 3 week Landrush bringing the total .asia names applied for since launch to 505,838

45,696 domains received more than 1 application and will go to Auction
The most sought aftername was (400 applicants)

1,051 domain names received more than one application during Sunrise for IP right holders. “” received the most Sunrise applications, with 14 prior-right claims filed.

DotAsia press release

Today at Apple’s iPhone-for-Business Event Steve Jobs announced figures for the iPhones market penetration

28% of the smartphone market and incredibly represents
71% of U.S. mobile Internet usage.

Source WSJ Live Blogging at the iPhone-for-Business Event

Apple also annouced it’s iPhone SDK (Software Developers Kit) as part of the new iPhone Enterprise Beta Program.

Added:Engadget has a great slide show of the iPhone SDK Press conference. has some nice charts showing the relative size of differernt name spaces and a map showing worldwide distribution of .info  domains together with a small directory of the best domain related sites and some interesting but older charts.

Digital Trends is reporting on a Google philanthropic project to provide phone numbers and voice mail to the homeless.

Google partnered with Project Homeless Connect to make the program happen. Although only San Francisco homeless shelters are currently able to set up accounts, Google eventually hopes to push the service nationwide.