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ICANN has opened a coment period for a request for changes by Afilias & Neustar for their respective registry agreements.

“The proposed service would limit the number of AGP deletions where a registrar could receive a full registration fee credit each month: either 50 per month or 10% of that registrar’s net new monthly domain name registrations, whichever is greater. A registrar would be permitted to delete as many names as it wished during the five-day AGP, receiving credit throughout the month. However, at the end of the .BIZ or .INFO normal monthly billing cycle the Registrar’s account would be debited for the full value of the domain name registrations that exceeded the month’s set threshold.

ICANN announcement


Up 75% on January 2007 UK online spending of £4.5 billion the equivalent of £74 for every person in the UK according to IMRG (Interactive Media Retail Group)

The BBC has more

With 45% growth in 2007, following 80% growth in 2006, Google’s revenues probably already make it the largest ad revenue generating company in the UK.  Google UK’s $2,53billion (£1.3bn) revenue for 2007 bring it very close to the UK’s leading commercial TV (ITV) and previous number one UK ad revenue generating company’s predicted £1.32bn ad revenue + £100 million sponsorship.

The UK Guardian has more.

“The Office specifications being made available now include all of the binary file formats used in releases of the desktop applications suite from Office 97 through the current Office 2007. The native file format in Office 2007 is Office Open XML, not a binary format. But Office 2007 can still save files in binary formats that are basically identical to the ones used in Office 2003.

New Zealand’s PCWorld has details

Microsoft’s current publicly available MS Office file format documents  can be found here have compiled their 2008 Index of Economic Freedom

1 – Hong Kong – [90.3]
2 – Singapore – [87.4]
3 – Ireland – [82.4]
4 –
Australia – [82.0]
5 – United States – [80.6]
6 – New Zealand – [80.2]
7 – Canada – [80.2]
8 – Chile – [79.8]      
9 – Switzerland – [79.7]
10 – United Kingdom – [79.5]

The Freedoms assessed were

Business Freedom, Trade Freedom, Fiscal Freedom,
Freedom from Government, Investment Freedom,
Financial Freedom, Property Rights,
Freedom from Corruption and Labor Freedom. is a handy reference site providing diary info for upcoming events in the Domain Name Industry.

 February 2008:

Google made its name making the web easy to use, and its new operating system (Android) suggests that it will soon do just the same for mobile phones.

The London Times has a (prototype) Gphone review including a Video Review

A 7 day domain auction themed “Around the World in Seven days” is being held by Sedo commencing on the 13th February 2008

Domains include:

  • AfternicDLSblog is reporting  after a request for names in December and January more than 400,000 names were submitted for consideration to NameMedia from members. NameMedia bought 24,000 (6%) of the submitted names. 

    Sedo which runs one of the major marketplaces for people to buy and sell domain names has just produced a report showing a valuable insight into where and how many domain sales there were in 2007 together with a comparision of domain sales for 2006.

    Findings from the report:

    “The .com extension remains the most frequently sold global TLD over Sedo with over 76% of all sales being .com domain names. Next to follow is the .net TLD with a 9% share and .info with 7%.

    In 2007 domains amounting to a total of $72,230,731 were sold and transferred via the Sedo marketplace. This is a 60% increase of the same figure from 2006.

     The Domain Sales Seondary Market Study (.pdf)