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IDN Blog has an interesting interview with John Kane of Afilias on International Domain Names (IDNs) which examines how well the Internet can currently support IDN solutions for IDN domains, IDN TLDs and IDN Emails around the world.

83% of the world’s population is estimated to be non-English speaking, yet for years they have been unable to communicate in their own languages via Web and e-mail addresses. Afilias is currently beta testing IDN E-mail a software package that is standards-based and allows people to use almost any language in their e-mail address.


Lifelike characters are beginning to appear in films and computer games as technology advances it is allowing facial expressions to be modeled in minute detail.

The London Times has a short animation example video

Microsoft has released the specifications for the binary file formats used by pre 2007 Microsoft Office applications.  

More details in Microsoft’s formats press release 

Mozilla Labs have made available a concept video to look a improving usability for navigating websites on mobile devices. The Firefox Mobile Concept Video post from Aza Raskin looks in more detail at how a web browser could in future work more successfully within the limited real estate of mobile handsets.

“The Office specifications being made available now include all of the binary file formats used in releases of the desktop applications suite from Office 97 through the current Office 2007. The native file format in Office 2007 is Office Open XML, not a binary format. But Office 2007 can still save files in binary formats that are basically identical to the ones used in Office 2003.

New Zealand’s PCWorld has details

Microsoft’s current publicly available MS Office file format documents  can be found here

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Express version is available for free download the Microsoft Office Professional 2008 version is available £149 UK  or $199 US

Express & Professional versions compared here.
SDK (Software Development Kit) here