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Worldwide mobile telephone subscriptions have reached 3.3 billion, equivalent to half the global population, 26 years after the first cellular network was launched, research firm Informa said. Reuters has more.

Nominet the non profit organization which runs the .uk registry has been awarded the contract to run the new Enum registry. Enum domains will map telepone numbers to web addresses.

The Register has more details here.
Nominet press release here.

The Epoc Mind Reading Helmet from Emotiv  should be available in the US and the UK from early 2008 capable of reading what wearers are thinking. Initially to be launched for Gamers controling their characters the implications are massive, opening the possiility that one day soon people will be able to control the cursor on their computer by simply thinking about it.

Emotiv Epoc Mindreading Helemt demo video on YouTube

The Emotiv web page for their Epoc Project.

The London Times has details the Epoc Mind Reading Helmet together with some interesting thoughts as to future applications.


McAfee have conducted an indepth analysis into the ownership of domains around famous brands.  

Country  & Percentage of Domains used for typo-squating based on their methodologies

1  UK                               7.7%
    Overall Average          7.2%
2  Portugal                      6.5%          
3  Spain                           5.9%
4  France                         5.4%
5  Italy                            4.1%
6  Germany                     3.8%
7  Australia                      2.0%
8  Sweden                       1.8% 
8  Middle East                  1.8% 
8  Poland                         1.8%
11 Netherlands                1.6% 
12 Israel                          1.1%
13 Denmark                     1.0%
14 Brazil                           0.9%
15 Finland                        0.1%

Complete results of survey here

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Express version is available for free download the Microsoft Office Professional 2008 version is available £149 UK  or $199 US

Express & Professional versions compared here.
SDK (Software Development Kit) here

Sedo is holding an auction of seasonal .uk domins in the Sedo UK Christmas Auction which runs from November 2oth to 27th. Names include:

The BBC has taken a brief look at six areas which may deliver masive advances to  the future of computing.  (Quantum, Light, Spin Chemicals, DNA & Plastics.)

The BBC has a short article looking at studies from uSwitch & Forrester Research

The uSwitch study says the Online shopping in the UK is due to hit £40bn this year. It predicts that the UK’s online spending will further rise to £162bn by 2020, when it will make up 40% of total retail sales.

While Forrester Research predicts that online Christmas shopping will reach £13.8bn this year, a 42% increase on 2006.

“Google’s quest to be everywhere continues to grow with news that the
Mountain View search giant will today announce a new deal that will see motorists in the United States hooking up to Google at the gas station.

Full story at TechCrunch

Google has unveiled software it hopes will become the “operating system” for a variety of future mobile phones.

The software aims to make it easy to use the web on a phone and to target consumers with mobile adverts.

The BBC has more