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Just announced

Microsoft is to take a $240 million stake in Facebook which values Facebook at $15 billion.

Added: The London Times has more & the BBC has 15 reasons why Facebook may be worth $15 billion

Neustar’s .us contract has just been renewed by the Department of Commerce notice

ICANN has just launched a forum to discuss the methods for allocating single letter and single digit domain names for all 16 gTLDs (AERO, .ASIA, .BIZ, .CAT, .COM, .COOP, .INFO, .JOBS, .MOBI, .MUSEUM, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .PRO, .TEL, and .TRAVEL) etc. 

Some of the .com’s are already owned by Nissan by Ebay/ Paypal but these predate 1993 when the current reserved names policy was imposed.

ICANN Announcement
ICANN Discussion Forum 


ICANN IDN test  “My Name, My Language, My Internet” goes live


more details at ICANN

ComScore have just released anaylsys of the Worldwide Search market

Searchers (August 2007)
754,459,000 Worldwide Total
257,952,000 Asia Pacfic
209,678,000 Europe
206,278,000 North America
  49,995,000 Latin America
  30,556,000 Middle East & Africa

And they searched from the following search biz’s

Searches (August 2007)
61,036,000,000 World Wide Total
37,094,000,000 Google
  8,549,000,000 Yahoo!
  3,253,000,000 Baidu
  2,166,000,000 Microsoft
  2,044,000,000 NHN
  1,319,000,000 Ebay
  1,212,000,000 Time Warner
     743,000,000 Ask
     683,000,000 Fox
     441,000,000 Lycos

ComScore press release 

ICANN has just launched a trial for integrating IDNs into the root. The ICANN blog has an interesting post by Kim Davis, giving nice examples on why viewing IDNs around the world can sometimes be problematic for some and not for others and why these current tests are so important for software developers.

From the Internet2 press release

“Internet2 announced the completion of its new nationwide network infrastructure. With an initial capacity of 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) nationwide and revolutionary bandwidth-on-demand capabilities, the new Internet2 infrastructure provides researchers and educators the potential to transform disciplines across the board from science, to telemedicine, to network research, to the performing arts.”

 For more information:

The number of .info domain registrations has just passed 5,000,000. Just under 8 months ago we reported the 4,000,000 registrations which was confirmed in an Afilias press-release in March.

The Afilias press release also included a note about being the largest .info sale at the time $46,000. was subsequently resold again in July for $70,000 but is no longer the highest .info sale, is now the most expensive publically recorded sale selling for $117,000 

Recognising the extraordinary growth of internet activity in India, ICANN has chosen to host their first meeting for 2008 in New Delhi, India.

 ICANN has a few more details here

Sample addresses in 11 lanageuages:

Arabic, Persian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil

will be added to the Internet’s central directories as early as next week, paving the way for Web surfers around the world to get online without knowing any English.

At this point, the 11 domain names are meant primarily for software developers and Web site designers to test the new system, but they are the first such names entered in the 13 key domain name directories (root servers).

If the trial is successful live IDNs should be available late 2008.

Full ICANN press release here