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AuDA who manage Australia’s ccTLD .au have approved a 2015 policy proposal to let people register second level domains under .au.

The Board agreed with the majority views expressed in the Panel’s final report, that the introduction of direct registrations would:

  • make available domain names which are shorter, more appealing and more memorable
  • give Australians more choice in deciding what domain name to register
  • respond to market demand
  • be more attractive to natural individuals than the current option,
  • strengthen the “.au brand” in a globally competitive market
  • add value to all three main categories of users – registrars and resellers, registrants and ultimate users of the .au domain name system.

auDA will now undertake a policy delveopment process which will include a proposed date for their introduction.


The idea is to bring the owners of premium domain names together with angel investors and young, skilled developers, with the hope that some workable business ideas might emerge.

Codemology is a new form of workflow designed for technology teams to achieve optimal outcomes. We integrate the best practices from multiple disciplines to help teams create a Minimum Viable Product for a domain in just one weekend. Our framework seeks to foster creativity through divergent thinking and teaches teams how to identify novel ideas from the excess supply of premium domains in the market.

The developers keep the IP rights to whatever they code during the event. It’s up to the domain owner to choose to collaborate, buy their IP or walk away.