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Marchex Inc. said on Wednesday it is looking to make a splash in the local U.S. online advertising market by introducing 100,000 memorable Web sites featuring local services such as, or

Google Gadgets Google Gadgets Ventures are offering grants of $5000 and Seed funding of $100,000 for those who have developed a Google gadget in their Google Gadgets Directory.

The London Times takes a look at state of play for mobile access of the web.

“A new technology from Hitachi in Japan could let you control electronic devices without lifting a finger simply by reading brain activity.

“The ‘brain-machine interface’ developed by Hitachi Inc. analyses slight changes in the brain’s blood flow and translates brain motion into electric signals.

Abc News has more details


The Peoples’ Daily Online is reporting that .cn is the 3rd largest ccTLD with over 5.3 million domains registered just behind Germany’s .de and Britain’s .uk

In order to increase usage the special price of one yuan will be extended until the end of the year.

Mobile YouTube has quietly launched

Gizmodo has a quick video preview and a summary of the issues here has a press release confirming the completion of the acquisition of Snapnames

Interesting stats

Oversee has a portfolio of some 600,000 names and
DomainSponsor monetizes more than 2.0 million domains for third parties.
This year, up to 10 million previously registered domain names will pass through SnapNames’ auctions.

Guy Kawasaki has an interesting post on his blog – How to build a Web 2.0 site with user-generated content, citizen journalism, long-tail and social media for $12,107.09. Even includes an overview by numbers so you can check you’re on target.

Check out the Web 2.0 site at the shopping search engine has entered the with a new engine built specifically to enable customers to browse products from merchants who accept Paypal payments:

Press-release here

Apple has launched a Windows (XP) version of Safari. BBC has more here

Download Safari 3 (Public Beta)