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Google has started integrating local search into the main results when searching for a local business for example  

Cities  Car Hire Edinburgh 
Small towns   Agents Ayr 
Zips /Postcodes   w2 Estate Agents

More details at the Google Blog  

Google has just turned in a record 4th quarter profit.

$3.21B Total Revenue (+19.3%)
$976M Traffic Acquisition Costs (+18.3%)
$1.03B Net income
$3.29 EPS (+39.4%) =  $1.98B ( 62%) (+22%) 
Partner Network =  $1.2B (37%) (+16%)
Clicks +22% on previous quarter

The Independent Newspaper is reporting a surge in online clothing sales in the UK, even though many major retailers have yet to offer any of their inventory online and several others just offer a fraction of  the current lines in their shops.

Soon the BBC reports, possibly within a couple of months,  YouTube will be looking to roll out a system which enables people uploading videos to get a share of ad revenue. The system should involve a mixture of ad formats including short ad clips shown ahead of the actual video.

Yourtube is specifically looking to reward creativity therefore the offer will only apply to videos where the uploader owns the full copyright. 


Namedia have announced they are making available 500,000 names from FabulousDomains this means their marketplaces Afternic and BuyDomains  now have around 2,000,000 domains available for sale.

In an interesting article the BBC looks at how botnets are rapidly spreading throughout the internet

“Dr Cerf, who is one of the co-developers of the TCP/IP standard that underlies all internet traffic and now works for Google, likened the spread of botnets to a “pandemic”.

“Of the 600 million computers currently on the internet, between 100 and 150 million were already part of these botnets, Mr Cerf said.

The launch (January 19th) offers domain owners a possibly far more profitable alternative to domain parking. has developed an innovative patent pending technology that makes available the Internet’s premium domains to individuals and businesses around the globe.

“Whether you are an individual, a small business or global conglomerate, provides you with the tools necessary to access the premium domain names that are essential to your online presence. What was once impossible is now within your reach…”

Xinhua is reporting the first batch of home grown Chinese CPUs are under going user tests. The manufacturers Lemote Technology Co. [English] have now moved onto a pilot commercial operation.

The Linux base unit comes with a 40GB hard drive and 256MB of memory and costs 1,599 yuan (about $200)

Eurid (European Registry of Internet Domains) who are responsible for .eu have announced from the 19 February they will be able to suspend .eu names instantly rather than give the registrants 14 days notice required under the current policy.

Breaches include bad faith, unlawful purpose, or violating other peoples (third party) rights.

MySpace Broker Richard Rosenblatt and his company Demand Media want to build millions of sites like MySpace – but this time around they are planning on catering to vertical niches by giving bloggers and experts in those fields the tools they need to publish.