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ComScore have just released a very interesting white paper “Women on the Web – How Women are Shaping the Internet”. The paper provides insights into the differnet ways men and women inteteract with the web.

Areas covered include

  • The Gender Divide
  • Women and the Social Web
  • Women and Retail
  • Content for Women
  • Search Activity
  • Entertaining Women
  • Mobile Women

Once connected women embrace the Internet, however globally women are still sligtly in the minorty with 46% of the global Internet population being female.  The white paper breaks down these differences further

“Singapore, the U.S., New Zealand, Russia and Canada have the highest proportion of adult female Web users – all with 50 percent or more. Countries with the lowest proportion of female Web users include two countries where Internet penetration is still extremely low – India and Indonesia, with 28 and 35 percent, respectively.”

The ComScore White Paper is a available here
Women on the Web How women are shaping the Internet 
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