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GoDaddy has just auctioned 106 names on behalf of the .info registry Afilias in a low $100 reserve auction and 103 of the names sold. These names were originally registered during the Sunrise process for the launch of .info and were reclaimed by the registry when the registrants were unable to demonstrate the necessary supporting trademark rights.  –  $16,005.00  –  $16,005.00  –  $12,205.00  –  $10,005.00  –  $10,005.00  –  $10,005.00

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Marchex, Inc. has released an in-depth study on mobile display advertising, finding that advertisers who spend on mobile banner ads to attract new customers receive an exceedingly poor return on investment.

According to the study:

•  It can take an average of nearly 500,000 impressions to generate a quality phone call.

•  Mobile display advertising is significantly overpriced.

•  Clicks are not indicative of customer intent.
This means there can be high rates of accidental clicks on mobile display ads.

•   Mobile display advertising performance varies wildly.
In one case, a campaign that got 1.4 million impressions did not result in one quality phone call.