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The internet has changed how the world communicates. The RepRap printer designed by Adrian Bowyer of Bath University in England has the potential to change the distribution of manufacturing and the supply chain. RepRap is a 3D printer that should able to ‘print’ a copy of itself by melting plastic and building it up into solid 3D objects which solidify when they cool.

All the software for the RepRap is licensed under GNU, this means the designs for the RepRap machine are distributed free and include the designs for the printer so you can “print” a new RepRap printer for a friend for free!

RepRap 3D Printer

RepRap from Adrian Bowyer


The UK Mail Online is reporting a revolutionary mobile phone battery that recharges in 10 seconds instead of several hours has been developed by scientists.

The new battery charges 100 times as fast as a conventional battery and could also be used in many devices such as cameras, phones, laptops and iPods within just two or three years.

And the same technology should even allow an electric car to be charged up in the same time that it takes to fill a normal car with petrol.

A serious piece of robot kit – Next generation half human robot from sarcos

The London Times has an preview article on Google’s new Android phone The article includes a clip of the phone in action together with a small slideshow.

The Google Android phone will allow owners to unlock it by drawing on the screen, includes a built-in compass to help with navigation and a magnifying tool to make zooming web content easier on a small screen.

Google will not acutually manufacure the phone but has helped develop the software for the manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung which have said thye will build phones based on the Android OS.


Google made its name making the web easy to use, and its new operating system (Android) suggests that it will soon do just the same for mobile phones.

The London Times has a (prototype) Gphone review including a Video Review

Reuters is reporting Amazon has agreed to buy a provider of digital spoken word content. Amazon values the transaction at about $300 million, including’s cash and short-term investments. audio can be listened to hundreds of AudibleReady devices incuding not only Apple’s Ipod but also devices from –

Audible, BookCourier, Creative, Dell, Digisette, Fujitsu, Garmin, Gateway, GPX, HP. iMate, Iomega, iRiver, Kenwood, Mitac, Motorola, Navman, PhatNoise, Philips, RCA, Rio, Sandisk, SoniqCast, Sonos, Tao, Tapwave, Thomson & Tom Tom. 

Manufacturer Polymer Vision has announced that its Readius e-reader, which features a foldable, roll-out 5in screen, will finally hit stores later this year.

The register has more details.

(Edit:doesn’t seem to have details any more)

The Epoc Mind Reading Helmet from Emotiv  should be available in the US and the UK from early 2008 capable of reading what wearers are thinking. Initially to be launched for Gamers controling their characters the implications are massive, opening the possiility that one day soon people will be able to control the cursor on their computer by simply thinking about it.

Emotiv Epoc Mindreading Helemt demo video on YouTube

The Emotiv web page for their Epoc Project.

The London Times has details the Epoc Mind Reading Helmet together with some interesting thoughts as to future applications.

The BBC has taken a brief look at six areas which may deliver masive advances to  the future of computing.  (Quantum, Light, Spin Chemicals, DNA & Plastics.)

Google is offering a cash prize of $20,000,000 for the first private company to land a robot on the moon. The prize fund totals $30,000,000 with the runner up getting $5,000,000…. Wired has more

One small catch you need to get your robot there before 2012 to win the $20,000,000.