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As well as .tel domains for sale through ICANN accredited registrars the registry operator of the new .tel gTLD Telnic has announced a number of new organizations are to begin offering .tel domains for sale to their customers.

Organizations offering .tel domains for sale will include MySpace, iWelt the German directory services organization and BT (British Telecom). BT will begin offering .tel domains for sale in May, initially through its social networking site, a 300,000 strong community, for small businesses BT Tradespace.

The Telnic press release can be found here.


The UK Mail Online is reporting a revolutionary mobile phone battery that recharges in 10 seconds instead of several hours has been developed by scientists.

The new battery charges 100 times as fast as a conventional battery and could also be used in many devices such as cameras, phones, laptops and iPods within just two or three years.

And the same technology should even allow an electric car to be charged up in the same time that it takes to fill a normal car with petrol.

The US Government has digitally signed the .gov gTLD the General Services  Administration has announced.

“On Feb. 28, 2009, DNSSEC became operational on .gov after the program successfully completed all required DNSSEC testing,”

“The .gov DNSSEC public key was registered [Feb. 28] with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Interim Trust Anchor Repository (iTAR) and became available for use as the published trust anchor for .gov validation,”

“The .gov Top Level Domain is now considered an active DNSSEC signed zone.”

The next step in the government wide effort to better secure its DNS is for agencies to begin deploying DNSSEC within their second-level domains, such as, by the end of the year.

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