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IDN Blog has an interesting interview with John Kane of Afilias on International Domain Names (IDNs) which examines how well the Internet can currently support IDN solutions for IDN domains, IDN TLDs and IDN Emails around the world.

83% of the world’s population is estimated to be non-English speaking, yet for years they have been unable to communicate in their own languages via Web and e-mail addresses. Afilias is currently beta testing IDN E-mail a software package that is standards-based and allows people to use almost any language in their e-mail address.

Sedo has just conducted a small  auction for prime .me domains. The closing prices for the top domain name sales were as follows

$  8,600
$  8,200
$  7,600
$  7,350
$  7,100
$  6,700
$  6,250
$  6,206
$  6,105
$  6,099
$  5,600
$  5,500
$  5,350
$  5,300
$  5,300
$  5,100
$  5,100
$  5,005
$  5,000

The domain auction attracted 78 individual bids.

Added: MHB @ The Domains has just posted a full list of 110 .me domain sales at the auction = $400,000 in sales.

Afilias has just released its .info Annual Report for 2009.

With over 5 million .info domains registered .info is the 7th largest TLD in the world. Over 70% of .info domains resolve to real content and more than 1 million unique Web sites are based in the .info extension will millions more resolving to useful content.

.info domains now account for 40% of all domains registered in new TLDs. This chart from the report shows the relaltve size of new TLDs.

Our chart here compares the number of new gTLD pages  indexed by Google which gives an indication of usage rather than just simple registration numbers of the first chart from the report.

The US Government has digitally signed the .gov gTLD the General Services  Administration has announced.

“On Feb. 28, 2009, DNSSEC became operational on .gov after the program successfully completed all required DNSSEC testing,”

“The .gov DNSSEC public key was registered [Feb. 28] with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Interim Trust Anchor Repository (iTAR) and became available for use as the published trust anchor for .gov validation,”

“The .gov Top Level Domain is now considered an active DNSSEC signed zone.”

The next step in the government wide effort to better secure its DNS is for agencies to begin deploying DNSSEC within their second-level domains, such as, by the end of the year.

What is DNSSEC? –

Sedo has just brokered the sale of the domain name for $1,760,000.
A press release from Travelzoo who purchased fly com can be found here

Sedo has also just held an online auction for The winning bid was 357,500 euro’s ($458,000)

The Moniker Live Auction in Holywood as just sold $604,700* of domain names. 

.. 20000
…. 3500
…. 1000
…. 1500
…. 3500
…. 5000
…. 5000
…. 1500
.. 15000
.. 10000
…. 7500
…. 5000
…. 3000
…. 7000 Read the rest of this entry »


How big is the internet survey

How big is the Internet? Is a question which is often asked. There isn’t a single answer but there are lots of measures which give a feel for the scale of things out there.  Pingdom, have an interesting blog post which draws together quite a few statistics that measure the size of the Internet in differnet ways, Things like

  • How many emails are sent around the world?
  • How many websites are there in the world?
  • How many web servers are there?
  • How many domain names are there?
  • How many users are there?  And where are those users?

The Pingdom summary of internet statistics from various sources provides some very interesting stats. While over at there is a more theoretical look at Internet growth.

Google have just annouced they are extending AdSense for Domains to all publishers 

The product will be rolled out incrementally starting with English speakers in North America exending to other languages and regions in the future. More information at the Adsense Help Center.

The UAE is hoping to become the first country worldwide to offer complete internet domain names in a language other than English by late next year.

China have already achieved partial success however the .com or .info part of the domain must still be in English. ICANN’s ccTLDs (country code top level domains) initiative will allow for the first time the complete domain name to be in non-English letters.

In Q3 09  ICANN hopes to launch these new ccTLDs and “We will start implementing the Arabic domain names,” Mohammad Al Zarouni, chief technology officer at the .ae Domain Administration of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) told Gulf News.

dotMobi announced yesterday .mobi domain registrations have passed 1,000,000 in just over 2 years since the TLD was launched.


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