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The US Government has digitally signed the .gov gTLD the General Services  Administration has announced.

“On Feb. 28, 2009, DNSSEC became operational on .gov after the program successfully completed all required DNSSEC testing,”

“The .gov DNSSEC public key was registered [Feb. 28] with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Interim Trust Anchor Repository (iTAR) and became available for use as the published trust anchor for .gov validation,”

“The .gov Top Level Domain is now considered an active DNSSEC signed zone.”

The next step in the government wide effort to better secure its DNS is for agencies to begin deploying DNSSEC within their second-level domains, such as, by the end of the year.

What is DNSSEC? –


ICANN has opened an area on its website to discuss their proposed new GTLD process. The public comment forum for the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook is divided in to 6 parts

The 6 doucments availiable for commnent are
Full Draft Applicant Guide book (.pdf)

Introduction to New gTLDs Application Process  (.pdf)
Evaluation Procedures  (.pdf)
Dispute Resolution ProceduresDispute Resolution Procedures (.pdf)
String Contention Procedures  (.pdf)
Transition to Delegation  (.pdf)
Application Terms and Conditions (.pdf)

Telnic, the registy for the .tel top level domain TLD has released APIs, toolkits, APIs, a developer forum white papers and the .tel code base. Telnic’s resources for developers will allow developers to create applications and web services around the .tel TLD.

If .tel is new to you has brief article The Google of online phone books which explains how .tel works and why .tel is different from other top level domains like .info and .mobi

Afilias the company which run the .info gTLD have submiitted an application for new Registry Services to ICANN. The application is called the Phased Equitable Reallocation of Non-Compliant .INFO Sunrise Domain Names (pdf) and is a request for the Registry to be allowed to allocate names to developers and/or auction domain names which have remained suspended since the launch of .info in 2001.

Most if not all of the names in question show a registration date between 25th July 2001 to 27th August 2001, usually have a status marked “HOLD” and “TRANSFER PROHIBITED”.  Any many of these names have the Registrant Name marked as “Afilias Ltd / Sunrise Pending Reallocation”