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Internet display ad spending in the US jumped 17% in the first quarter while total ad spending fell. reports “Online advertising is once again the brightest spot in an otherwise moribund advertising market, according to first-quarter figures reported by two prominent media research firms.

“TNS Media Intelligence said Tuesday that spending on online display advertising – which does not include search – jumped 16.7 percent in the first quarter from a year ago to $2.7 billion. By way of comparison, overall ad spending fell 0.7 percent. 

In a huge study Efficient Frontier has looked at PPC advertising for their automotive clients and found their clients receive twice the conversion rates from domains at a comparable cost per click as search.

“The benefits of separate content bidding are apparent in the results. When Efficient Frontier started implementing content bids for their clients, they observed an average 250 percent lift in conversion rates on the content network, including on domain park sites. In addition, Efficient Frontier utilized site exclusion to refine targeting and boost conversion rates further. “We try to educate our clients on the positive ROI impact of content bids and site exclusion,” states Hanson. “Sometimes excluding even a single site, which isn’t performing well, can have a drastic positive impact on conversion rates.”

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In a rare interview Google Search Quality team talks to the NewYork Times.

TED is hosting an excellent Microsoft presentation of how images may be searched for and presented in the future. A demonstration of some of the technology is already available at Microsoft Labs.

This could revolutionise the way users search as this technology can be used to search huge and diverse collections of data, while at the same time automatically associating items and establishing relationships between them that only specialists in a given field could hope to know.

Veni Markovski (ICANN Board Director) and Paul Twomey (ICANN CEO & President) are to attend and speak at the XIth St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Other participents include Russian president Vladimir Putin, US vice-president Al Gore and former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder. More details in the ICANN Blog

In an interesting post on the Feedburner Feedburner outlines some of the synergies and thinking behind the acquisition. There is also an acqusition Feedburner FAQ

Snapnames has agreed to be acquired by Press release here