Verisgn has just released it’s latest (Q2/07) Domain Name Industry Brief

Whilst it provides a good overview it is interesting to do a little math.

From the Verisign report Total Domains = 138 million, Total ccTLDs = 51.5 million which gives 86.5 million gTLD domains.

All well and good but where are those 86.5 million gTLD domains registered?

56.5m  United States
  4.8m  Germany
  3.2m  United Kingdom
  3.0m  Bahrain
  2.8m  Canada
  2.6m  China
  1.9m  France
  1.7m  Hongkong
  1.6m  Australia
  1.1m  Japan
  1.0m  Spain
  0.9m  Korea
  0.8m  Italy
  0.7m  The Netherlands
  0.6m  Turkey
  0.5m  New Zealand
  0.4m  India
  0.4m  Cayman Islands
  0.4m  Russia
  0.3m  Denmark