Peter Dengate Thrush is to take over from Vint Cerf as the new chairman of the ICANN board. Vint Cerf is leaving because of Term limits, having first been elected to the position in 2000.

Vint Cerf said before stepping down.

“To those who now guide its path into the future comes the challenge to fashion an enduring institution on this solid foundation,I am confident that this goal is not only attainable, it is now also necessary. The opportunity is there: Make it so.”

Under Vint Cerf’s tenure ICANN has grown from around 12 staff members in 2001 to around 100 staff members and a $41.6 million budget for the coming year.

Vint’s inclusiveness, vision and understanding of not only the technical issues but also the nature of both individual and business interests will be a exceptionally hard act to surpass.

ICANN Press release