has investigated how domains are used within the .co name space.  .co domains are interesting because .co is the country code for Colombia, and has traditionally been structured in the same way as the United Kingdom’s  is structured with a defined group of second level domains allowing people to register a third level domains.

In Colombia  and (private persons)

In the UK  and (private persons)

A year ago the .co registry was persuaded to allow the second level to be opened up for open registrations aimed primarily at the international market.  HosterStats has analysed how these new domains are being used a year after launch.

The uses vary from company names like who use it to redirect to other sites rather than a Columbian search engine which can be found at the, to PPC pages, to holding pages, to non resolving sites etc.

PPC Parked pages 48.5%
Holding pages 13.8%
Active Use 12.9%
Redirects to domains in other TLDs 8.2% (Exact match 3.5%)
Redirects to other .co domains 2.8%
Brand Protection 2%
Forbidden/ Not found 1.4%
For Sale 1.1%
Expired 0.7%
Registry reserved premium domains 0.7%