Afilias is holding it’s third auction of  .info names,  domain names it reclaimed from the initial .info sunrise period.  The auction is generating a lot of interest, with already over 200 bidders registering to bid on the domain with most interest. There are over 3 days remaining before registrations for bidding close and private auctions begin for the first batch of names.

The auction runs from May 3rd to May 10th on the NamJet Auction platform.  The starting bid on any name was $69 but bidders have already pushed the opening bids as high as $2,501 for some names. Bidders who wish to place bids above $2,500 need to become verified before placing any bids.

This is the first time Afilias has used NameJet for it’s auctions, for the first and second auctions it used GoDaddy. The highest bids in the first auction were $16,005 and also $16,005. In the second auction, the highest bids were for $30,005 and $22,005. (If you’re wondering why there is an extra $5 on each bid it’s a quirk of the GoDaddy auction platform.)

At the moment the names generating the most interest from the 79 premium domains in the coming  third auction are,,, and