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Google has released an iphone app to allow iPhone users to search without having to type.

Google said “Google Mobile App helps you find the information you need quickly and easily with instant access to Google Search.”

Features include

Voice Search
Search with My Location
Local search suggestions on a map
Instant access to search
Google Suggest
URL suggestions
Contact search
Search history
Easy access to other Google products


Nielen is reporting Mobile Internet usage is reaching critical mass for mobile marketing in the US

Announcement here
White paper here  (.pdf)

The London Times has an preview article on Google’s new Android phone The article includes a clip of the phone in action together with a small slideshow.

The Google Android phone will allow owners to unlock it by drawing on the screen, includes a built-in compass to help with navigation and a magnifying tool to make zooming web content easier on a small screen.

Google will not acutually manufacure the phone but has helped develop the software for the manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung which have said thye will build phones based on the Android OS.